Ruminations on Red Eyeshadow…

Ruminations on Red Eyeshadow…

If you would’ve asked me five years ago to talk about red eyes, I would’ve told you about that one time I sat in an exit row seat on a frighteningly turbulent red-eye flight to Maui (Side note: It was terrible.), or about the creepy dude I used to work with who got “pink eye” every five minutes…then proceeded to give all of the other people in our office pink eye every time he got pink eye. *shaking my head*

Yes, it was gross.

But I digress…

In case you hadn’t noticed, red eyes, as in red eyeshadow, are totally a thing now, and I never would have predicted the rise o’ red in a million years. I mean, even Chanel did a collection with red eyeshadow (back in 2016)! If that isn’t a tell-tale sign of how mainstream red eyes have become, I don’t know what is.

And it isn’t only about straight-up crimson. Warm reddish browns and reddish oranges are also having (and have been having) their moment.

I resisted red (and reddish) eyeshadow for very long time, but then Instagram started inundating my feed with all of these artists doing looks with red.

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