Best Comfortable Jeans For Curvy Women

Curves are the new cool, and just like everything else, we have come back to curves – it’s just not about size zero anymore. For curvy women, the shopping experience is slightly different than that of the petite girls, but thanks to the fast-growing fashion industry, and the talent pool, the options are practically endless and just as good as any body type.

What Is A Curvy Body Type?

There is a perpetual debate about who all would fall under the ‘curvy body type.’ While some people straight up confuse curvy with overweight, they often forget that curvy is a body type and has nothing to with the weight. Some women can be perfectly toned and muscular and still have a vivid hourglass figure, which is what the curvy body type is all about. Plus size women can be curvy, but the reverse is not always true.

Comfortable Jeans For Curvy Women

1. Boyfriend Jeans For Curvy Women

If you are not a fan of jeans that are too skin hugging (but hate slouchy ones too), pick up mid-rise jeans that meet your needs right in the middle. This cropped style jeans sticks to your body and then loosens up as it goes down. Cropped jeans are in vogue right now, and embroidered, ripped, dull wash, etc. are only exciting additions to your pants.

2. Mid-rise Black Jeans For Petite Curvy Women

If you are a petite or short woman with some curves to flaunt, you need jeans that make your legs look elongated and contour your curves. The jeans you choose should be sleek as it trains down, but have extra room for your slightly broad hips and thighs. Choose black in this style, and you can never go wrong with it.

3. Low Rise Curvy Jeans

Women with curves usually shy away from wearing low rise jeans, because it feels like the jeans just cannot hold up the big booty and the curvaceous cuts your body has to offer. But, you guessed it right, that’s changing too since there are good options out there. Bootcut, capris, mom or boyfriend jeans are your perfect choices when it comes to low-rise. These are usually non-stretchy and hug your body perfectly without revealing too much.

4. Straight Legged Jeans

Straight cut blue jeans are the safest bet for women with curves and are a variant a lot of us opt for. They fit your form perfectly without creating bulges or hugging your skin, which is what most curvy women are not comfortable with. I guess this is a staple, and every curvy woman needs one in her closet. You can trim the hemline or go for jeans with frayed edges, and take your jeans game up and put it up there.

5. Skinny Distressed Jeans For Curvy Women

If you have a curvaceous, hourglass figure, you better flaunt that at every opportunity you get, and what better way to do that than by wearing your everyday essential – jeans. Some brands make jeans especially keeping this body type in mind, so just look for these when you shop next time around. They are usually soft, stretchy, and retain your body shape without being uncomfortably tight or ill-fitted.

6. High Waisted Black Jeans

Some women like the old school high-rise jeans, and so here’s something for you. These stretchy high-rise jeans take your body shape without making it look like you are struggling to fit into it. The trick usually lies in the way your waistband is designed.

7. Bootcut Jeans For Curvy Women

Bootcut jeans are not the heavy duty thick, non-stretchy denim they used to be. Some brands exclusively make bootcut jeans for the curvy, plus, or both. The jeans stretch at the right places and give you the bootcut shape. It cannot get better than this I guess.

8. Mom Jeans For Curvy Women

What was initially considered boring is now seeing a significant comeback, and this time thankfully women of all body types are killing it in style. These are incredibly casual, stylish, and complement your figure. They perfectly stick to your curvaceous body structure, and are not stretchy or clingy.

9. White Jeans For Full Figured Women

It is a general misconception that curvy women cannot wear white jeans, and this usually is a mind block more than a fashion rule. If you have been stuck there too, look up some curvy women and see how they are killing it in white jeans. Look for jeans that hit a sweet spot – which are usually mid-rise, slim fitting ones that have more room for the hips.

10. Jeggings For Curvy Women

If you have been hoarding your closet with leggings and baggy tops because of your mind blocks, you need to change because there are quite a few options out there that await you. If you were wondering what we are going on about – we are talking about jeggings. They provide a similar fit to your leggings, but are more defined and stylish. Consider these over your leggings anyway, and they go just as good with your office looks as they do for running errands. They stretch and take the shape of your body – so you have nothing to worry about.

Are you always struggling to find those perfect jeans that fit your curves perfectly? What is your go-to brand or store to buy curvy jeans? Do you have any tips for the curvy women out there? Let us know by dropping in a text in the comments section below.

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